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Positive psychology is a relatively new scientific study focused on understanding and cultivating happiness and well-being. Over the last few decades there has been an abundance of positive psychology research produced by academics from all over the world. Within this research are numerous simple-to-implement interventions that are actually scientifically proven to increase well-being. How cool is that? Unfortunately… these academic findings are not always published in an easy-to-access or understand manner, making them difficult to implement. On top of that, even when we know about positive interventions, we still sometimes fail to incorporate them into our lives in a consistent way.

That’s where this site comes in — the overarching idea is to introduce you to some of these academic findings and detail how they can be incorporated into your life. To this effect, I will personally attempt scientifically proven interventions, detailing the process, the science, and the end results. I’ll also throw in one-off articles detailing additional research related to happiness and well-being that I hope you’ll find interesting. Feel free to comment or ask questions as you please.

P.S. please reference the “resources” tab to see other sites, articles, and books that have much more information than this site!

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