About Me

In 2017 I decided to give up a fast moving marketing career at Amazon to pursue my long time passion of positive psychology. At the University of Pennsylvania I studied both Economics and Psychology. Economics was the major that was going to help me score the fancy first job at a major corporation and Psychology was, well to be honest, it was mostly for fun. Upon graduating, I was faced with a decision — take a job at Amazon and start building my career, or pursue Psychology by furthering my education. I was fortunate enough to discuss the decision with Adam Grant, renowned Wharton professor, bestselling author, and most importantly someone with a lot of experience in psychology and business. Adam’s advice boiled down to this: if you don’t want to go into clinical work or academia, don’t pursue a doctorate in Psychology. More to the point, I could successfully pursue my business interests while continuing to develop my passion for psychology via book reading, podcast listening, and online lecture participating. I ended up following that advice and since then have had enjoyed five years working at Amazon across different teams, products, and continents. But now it’s time to shift back.

This year I hope to harness the business knowledge I’ve developed at Amazon while moving back into the world of psychology. As I dive into this exciting new world, in addition to pursuing theoretical research and discussions, I want to better understand the existing applicable positive psychology research that has the potential to benefit people today. To this end, in 2017 I will be selecting one published study each month and incorporating the findings into my daily life. At the end of each month, I’ll write about my experience with the hope that anyone reading the blog (hi parents) will be able to learn something new that might help improve their lives.

I mean, that’s the whole idea, right?

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