Behavioral Positivity

Category: Activity

Activity: Gratitude Visit

Title: Gratitude Visit Activity: Think about someone who has had a positive impact in your life (a family member, old teacher, colleague, etc.) and set aside 15 minutes to write a letter expressing your gratitude for this person. If possible,…

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Activity: Commitment Devices

Title: Commitment Devices Activity: Use a commitment device to help achieve an important, difficult goal. Background: A commitment device is a tool set in place by individuals in the present to help their future selves achieve goals that otherwise would be difficult to…

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Activity: Making your Bed

Title: Making your Bed Activity: Make your bed every morning Science: This simple task has been shown to have positive effects in three important aspects of well-being: happiness, sleep, and productivity. According to a survey of 68,000 people by, only 27% of people make…

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