April 2017: “Physical Activity and Well-Being”

Title: Physical Activity Activity: Exercise every day and reflect on how you feel before, during, and after. Science: Physical activity psychology has increased in popularity over the years, now with multiple scientific journals dedicated exclusively to the topic. There have been numerous studies demonstrating correlations between physical activity and well-being -- I'll summarize just three of them here:... Continue Reading →

March 2017: “Disconnecting Before Sleep”

Title: Disconnecting Before Sleep Activity: Do not use your phone for 30+ minutes before going to sleep. To aid in this, set your alarm for the next day and charge your phone, ideally out of reach from your bed. Science: Recently, there's been a lot of research and discussion around improving sleep patterns and our dependence... Continue Reading →

Feb 2017: “Habit Forming”

Title: Habit Forming Activity: Decide on 3-6 habits you would like to form or goals you would like to achieve. Break down each habit or goal into a short title (e.g. meditate) and a short description (e.g. meditate for 10 minutes every day). Track each habit/goal every day for one month. Science: Understanding the science behind... Continue Reading →

Jan 2017: “Three Good Things”

Title: Three Good Things Activity: Every day, write down three good things that happened before going bed; briefly reflect on each thing - why did it make you happy? Science: Gratitude has been proven to be an important factor of happiness and well-being. The general idea is simple: when we experience gratitude we are focused on positive... Continue Reading →

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