Behavioral Positivity

Category: Interventions

Activity: Physical Activity and Well-Being

Title: Physical Activity Activity: Exercise every day and reflect on how you feel before, during, and after. Science: Physical activity psychology has increased in popularity over the years, now with multiple scientific journals dedicated exclusively to the topic. There have been numerous studies…

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Activity: Disconnecting Before Sleep

Title: Disconnecting Before Sleep Activity: Do not use your phone for 30+ minutes before going to sleep. To aid in this, set your alarm for the next day and charge your phone, ideally out of reach from your bed. Science: Recently,…

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Activity: Habit Forming

Title: Habit Forming Activity: Decide on 3-6 habits you would like to form or goals you would like to achieve. Break down each habit or goal into a short title (e.g. meditate) and a short description (e.g. meditate for 10…

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Activity: Three Good Things

Title: Three Good Things Activity: Every day, write down three good things that happened before going bed; briefly reflect on each thing – why did it make you happy? Science: Gratitude has been proven to be an important factor of happiness…

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