Behavioral Positivity

Category: Research

Creating a Positive Team

This post covers the research and planning phase designed to enable a successful implementation of a Positive Team strategy within your organization. While there are many factors involved in creating a Positive Team – and some will work better in…

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Positive Psychology: The Value of Close Social Relationships

“One of the strongest findings in the literature of happiness is that happy people have better relationships than their less happy peers” (Lyubomirsky, 2007, p. 125) “You will not be surprised by my three-word summary of positive psychology: Other people…

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Righting the Ship: Redesigning Technology to Actually Improve Our Lives

Smartphones and social media have been shown to decrease well-being… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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What is Positive Psychology and Why Does it Matter?

A brief introduction to Positive Psychology, starting at the beginning.

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Technology and Loneliness: Designing for Real Social Connection

The power of technology should be harnessed to help humans flourish, not to hide behind screens and bring about record levels of loneliness. It’s time to get deliberate about the technology we create and consume. According to research, our lives…

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Technology: Good or Bad?

Often times, whether technology is beneficial or harmful comes down to how you interact with it.

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